Friday, November 16, 2007

A NYN Editorial (Is New York Nightlife Dead?)

Is New York Nightlife Dead?

(The First in a Two Part Editorial)

Gamal Hennessy

Rest in Peace?
There is certain level of malaise floating through the city when it comes to nightlife. This general dissatisfaction stems from the concept that the golden age of club life in New York is long gone. You can read it in the
club reviews from magazines. You can hear it from people who ran the clubs in the 80’s and 90’s.

They say that the New York nightlife scene is dead.

The evidence to support this concept is pretty strong. Legendary spots like Studio 54, Palladium and Limelight have been gone for years, replaced by theaters and NYU dorms.
AIDS and drugs hit the club scene harder than almost any other segment of society and killed many of club pioneers. Major acts like Bob Dylan or Madonna rarely bubble out of the club scene now. Today we watch them hatch on American Idol. The cabaret and ‘quality of life laws of the Giuliani era have been a further drag on a once very decadent environment. Bottle service and VIP rooms have changed the focus of many clubs from pleasure to business. Other cities like San Francisco or Atlanta or Montreal have become the places to party. Things have changed a lot over the past few years.

But does that mean that our nightlife scene is gone? Have we missed the chance to enjoy New York nightlife?

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