Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Rising Beer Prices Coming to 2008 (Michael Rundle- Metro)
You might go to the bar for a few drinks to forget about the rising cost of living and the crazy stock market. But higher prices are everywhere. They might hit your beer glass very soon.

More Musicians Opt for 360 Deals (Jeff Leeds- New York Times)
Artists like Madonna, Prince and Radiohead have forced the music industry to rethink the way they make money. Their newest model is to go beyond selling CDs and hoping that they’ll find one mega hit to pay for ten mediocre bands. The new idea is to draw a band into a 360 deal.

New wrinkle in St. Gullien murder case (Neel Shah- Radar Online)
Darryl Littlejohn is currently being held in Riker’s Island for the kidnapping torture, rape, murder and mutilation of Imette St. Guillen. He has been in jail since April, but it has only recently been brought to light that Littlejohn was an informant for state and federal law enforcement.

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