Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fashion Week, The Hurricane Club and Lavo

The Nightlife Report for September 21, 2010

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy
Seize the Night
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Fashion Week 2011

Fashion Week Recap
The New York Times looks at the end of fashion week festivities: Nocturnalist Partying, Not Just Posing

Nightlife Winners and Losers of Fashion Week
Eater rates the high profile nightlife venues that timed their openings to coincide with Fashion Week because we there is no nightlife week...yet

Battle of the Rooftop Bars
The Village Voice ends Fashion Week by drinking and dancing high above the city.

New Venues
Vegas staple Lavo comes to New York nightlife. Will other Sin City venues follow?

Hurricane Club
An upscale tiki inspired lounge joins Plunge and Millesime to add more nightlife to the Flatiron District

Remember, The best venue isn't the most exclusive or expensive spot. It's the place where you and your people can have fun…

Have fun.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don Hill’s, Sin Sin, Siberia and Parisian Cocktails

The Nightlife Report for September 15th, 2010
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

NIMBY’s Circle Around Sin Sin
(Guest of a Guest)
The home to Soulgasm is in the crosshairs of local residents after a man is allegedly shot and killed at the door

Siberia Moves Closer to Reopening
The classic Hell’s Kitchen Dive bar is one step closer to rebirth.

Don Hills Re-imagined
(Urban Daddy)
The minds behind Kenmare take over the rock and roll venue. It might become a rock and models venue, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

New York Cocktail Culture Invades Paris
(Financial Times)
The city known for its abundance of wine snobs takes inspiration from spots like Death & Co, Dutch Kills and Painkiller to create a new wave of cocktail drinker in the City of Lights.
Have fun.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nicole John, Lamb’s Club and Fashion’s Night Out

The Nightlife Report for September 8, 2010

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Special Report: Nicole John
Learning from Nicole John
(Prince of the City)
The death of Nicole John goes much deeper than Tenjune and Fake IDs. Nightlife and American culture itself has to accept responsible indulgence if tragedies like this are going to be avoided.

Who’s to Blame?
(Good Night Mr. Lewis)
Another perspective on the Nicole John death from operator Steven Lewis

New York Nights Review
(Prince of the City)
Lamb’s Club: Understated Class

Fashion’s Night Out
(Papier Doll)
Your idea of nightlife might not include shopping, but these events will have cocktails and music so they can’t be all bad…

Drinking Liquor Could Save Your Life
(Men’s Health)
"Research over a 20-year period showed that more than 1,000 adults who didn’t drink were 49 percent more likely to die—of any cause—than those who drank moderately"... Cheers

Ladies Night is Legal
(Fox News)
A federal court rules that "Ladies Night" in New York nightlife is not a violation of men's civil rights.

America’s Drunkest Cities
(Men‘s Health) Contrary to popular opinion, New York nightlife has more bars with fewer drunks than other US cities

Have fun