Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CBGB, XL, Ice-T and Meleni Smith

Nightlife Culture News for February 1, 2012

Complied by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
My Heart in Focus: A nightlife culture interview with Ms. Meleni Smith http://t.co/KsbfLSrf

CBGB: Would the revived punk rock venue be a great revival of punk rock or a sad tourist trap? http://t.co/7HeVmxNr
Reborn Dive Bars: The recently shut down Mars Bar is reborn as an art exhibit. http://t.co/nGTkblUX

Hip Hop: A review of Ice-T's hip hop documentary Something from Nothing http://t.co/QAmJ7REk
Opinion: DJ Stretch Armstrong rejects the concept of the celebrity DJ. http://t.co/9G346Vof

NIMBYs get a new tool to track their complaints about New York venues. http://t.co/gmKCH4Se

New Venues
The Time Out hotel and its XL dance club made a massive splash in New York over the weekend. http://t.co/N4ep2JLc

Have fun

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiesto’s New Video Series, Garza’s Killer Confesses and Drinking with Your Eyeball

Nightlife News for January 25th, 2012

Nightlife Culture
The Nightlife Cultural Initiative attempts to bring more life to nightlife. http://t.co/3qAQMcp7

An architectural firm in Hong Kong has designed a nightclub that isn’t connected to the ground. It stays up by hanging from surrounding buildings. http://t.co/9cId6IIz

An in depth essay on the Social and Psychological Benefits of Pre-gaming. http://t.co/0Edm5Uky

Is the CDC exaggerating the rates of binge drinking in the US? http://t.co/8raHzxNA

More female sommeliers are becoming prominent in New York nightlife. http://t.co/sljz6oIn

Eater offers some good advice on how to order a drink based on the type of bar you visit. http://t.co/BkRFu28d

Are you bored with just drinking your drink? If so, check out these eight strange new ways of ingesting alcohol. http://t.co/kcU6tv4A

Michael Mele admits to killing Laura Garza after taking her out pf Marquee in 2008. http://t.co/DtANKybC

Brooklyn NIMBYs attack rooftop and outdoor bars. http://t.co/ZhYDLjwf

Are anti-nightlife sentiments rising in Hells Kitchen? http://t.co/4XDPn469

A new university course explores hip hop as a teaching tool. http://t.co/u1uc7LBB

TiĆ«sto launches a new web series to document the life of the DJ. http://t.co/SGi8ExCu

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Live Music Apps, Pitch Black Dining Rooms and Whiskey in a Can

The Nightlife Culture Review for January 11, 2012
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
How to Find Live Music in 2012: There are hundreds of live musicians playing in New York nightlife every week. Here are a few apps to help you find the ones that are right for you.
New Elite Yelp reviews for 2012: including UCB Theater, Henrietta Hudson, Sons of Essex and Cellar 58. 

‎(From @DNAinfo) A landmark Harlem firehouse is going to be reborn as Afro-Caribbean Cultural Institute. Hopefully it will include exhibits on the contributions jazz, reggae, salsa and other art forms had on nightlife and New York in general. 
(From @nightculturenyc) One photographer documents how social media has impacted nightlife.

(From @VoiceStreet) A cab driver was recently arrested for the rape of an early morning passenger. There is no indication from this story that the alleged victim was coming from a club, but it is a scenario that could easily involve nightlife patrons so awareness is key, even after you leave the club.
(From @nightculturenyc) Michael Mele: The alleged murderer of Laura Garza goes on trial this week. Garza was last seen leaving Marquee.

(From @nightculturenyc) Is a can of whiskey (that holds 8 shots) for $5 a great idea or a disaster waiting to happen? You can’t close a can once you open it, so the incentive to drink all 8 shots at once will be very strong. Who knows what your incentive might be after that…

(From @nightculturenyc) Hip hop: Emerging artists from NJ prove that local artists continue to influence East Coast rap. 
(From @nightculturenyc) DJing: The Respect the DJ movement brings the spotlight back to the people behind the decks. 
(From @CMJnetwork):  Artist submissions for CMJ 2012 are open now via @Sonicbids
(From @EaterNY) A new high end spot called Dans Le Noir offers patrons the chance to dine in a pitch black room. Candle lit tables are romantic and sexy, but how dark is too dark?
(From @nightculturenyc) Is the case against Escuelita bar about public safety or anti-gay bias? 
(From @nightculturenyc) This recent retrospective looks at the historic evolution of Julius, one of New York's oldest gay bars. 

Have fun.