Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CBGB, XL, Ice-T and Meleni Smith

Nightlife Culture News for February 1, 2012

Complied by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
My Heart in Focus: A nightlife culture interview with Ms. Meleni Smith http://t.co/KsbfLSrf

CBGB: Would the revived punk rock venue be a great revival of punk rock or a sad tourist trap? http://t.co/7HeVmxNr
Reborn Dive Bars: The recently shut down Mars Bar is reborn as an art exhibit. http://t.co/nGTkblUX

Hip Hop: A review of Ice-T's hip hop documentary Something from Nothing http://t.co/QAmJ7REk
Opinion: DJ Stretch Armstrong rejects the concept of the celebrity DJ. http://t.co/9G346Vof

NIMBYs get a new tool to track their complaints about New York venues. http://t.co/gmKCH4Se

New Venues
The Time Out hotel and its XL dance club made a massive splash in New York over the weekend. http://t.co/N4ep2JLc

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