Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jay-Z, Bi-Sexual Rappers, Beer Pong Laws and the Evils of Bottle Service

The Nightlife Cultural Review for February 8, 2012
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

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Prince of the City
Sexy, Rich, Creative or Connected: What is Your Best Nightlife Resource? http://t.co/67boTkf0
New Elite Yelp Reviews for venues including Norwood, Yotel, and Imperial No. 9 gamalhennessy.yelp.com

Hip Hop: Jay-Z brings the heights of hip hop to Carnegie Hall. http://t.co/XYr3GmJm
Hip Hop: Is New York hip hop ready for a bi-sexual female rapper like Azealia Banks? http://t.co/FLaLXv4b
DJ: Veteran DJ Seth Clark Silverman has advice to improve the music in New York City nightlife http://t.co/apGn6bvA

Liability: NY court rules that bar operators are not liable for beer pong related drunkenness. http://t.co/q6GAtRwW

Bottle Service: Transworld News viciously attacked the exclusive club scene in New York nightlife. http://t.co/w769V54N
54 Below: Nightlife maven Michael Musto opines on the new cabaret 54 Below. http://t.co/LHp2cYrk

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