Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steve Lewis, High Technology and the French Invasion of New York Nightlife

The Nightlife Culture Review for March 1, 2012
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
Celebrity Waitresses, Sex and the Sin Effect: A Nightlife Culture interview with the legendary Steven Lewis. 

Why Do You Enjoy New York Nightlife? There are seven major reasons that lure us into the night. What moves you?

NCI: Improve your nightlife. Join the Nightlife Cultural Initiative. 

Partez vous Francais? The New York Times writes about the growing French trend in New York nightlife culture.

Is Big Back?: Are the megaclubs ready to return to New York nightlife? And if they are, how will that impact New York nightlife? 

Hip Hop Holiness: What is the relationship between religion and hip hop? How do express their faith or disparage another in their lyrics? 

Mind Over Money: A new article looks at the transition of hip hop from social awareness to capitalist excess. 

The Liquor Locator: Will the new NYC liquor license map help or hurt New York nightlife?

Who Watches You Go Out? Can facial recognition apps help you find the perfect club and crowd every night? 

Have fun.

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