Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michael Mele, the Metropolitan Museum and the Mystery of the Male Bottle Servers

The Nightlife Culture Review of March 8, 2012

Prince of the City

From Nashville to New York: A Nightlife Culture Interview with Shonali Bhowmik


Michael Mele gets 23 years in prison for taking Laura Garza out of a club and killing her in 2008.


Does New York nightlife need more male bottle servers and hosts?

A new art exhibit explores drag culture in New York nightlife.

The Metropolitan Museum attracts young patrons by reinventing itself as a nightclub.

The New York Historical Society is offering students a free course in hip hop this month.

New Venues

Mother's Ruin, Bas'ik and Wayland are among the best new venues in New York nightlife.  

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