Monday, November 28, 2011

Arab Hip Hop, Jewish Hip Hop and the Importance of Nightlife Culture

Nightlife News for November 29th 2011
Complied by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
‎A new essay from @NightCultureNYC explains Why Should You Care about Nightlife Culture?

Academics: I gave you a link on the various classes universities are developing about nightlife culture. Here is a feature story on Yale University's course.

Nightclubs: There are many misconceptions about what nightlife is really like. @clubplanet runs down the list of nightlife myths that need to be busted.

Reviews: Over 85 Yelp Elite reviews of local nightlife venues including new reviews of Double Seven, the Night Hotel and Elsa

DJing: A few tips for breaking into the DJ industry.

Hip Hop: Arab American hip hop artists create political rap inspired by the Arab Spring.

Hip Hop: Are we currently experiencing a Golden Age of Jewish hip hop?

Rock: We like to think that the indie rock scene and the hip hop nation are completely separate, but @SPINmagazine provides a timeline that shows the creative crossover between the two genres.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Juliet, Fire Island and How to Stand in Line at the Club

Nightlife Culture News for November 16th 2011
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City: Nightlife as a Marketplace of Transgression:

Drinking: Experts suggest that women should drink more whiskey. Of course the experts are selling whiskey, but that is beside the point… 

Nightlife Rituals: We don’t endorse standing in line, but if you have to do it. @clubplanet: offers some Do's and Don'ts of the Nightclub Line -

Hip Hop: @villagevoice: profiles Ralph McDaniels one of the pioneering figures in New York hip hop culture

House: 2011 was the year when EDM took over the American music scene.
Opinion: The lounges in New York according to @clubplanet:

Crime: People were shot and one man was killed in Juliet this week. Will the supperclub survive?  (Note: Anyone with information about this crime can contact the 10th precinct at 212-741-8245)

Disaster: The center of gay nightlife on Fire Island was destroyed in a fire. No one was injured.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heavy D, Jay-Z, Kascade and Living with Your Hangover

Nightlife Cultural News for 11.11.11
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
Sutra: Seven Years as a Hip Hop Icon:

Nightlife Culture Initiative: NCI is a nonprofit company founded to elevate nightlife culture. Find out more here.

The definition of nightlife culture:

New Reviews from Yelp Elite: 

A recent program to combat dating violence has cut instances of abuse by 50%.

‎In support of the single guy from @PsychToday

Burlesque: Can burlesque performances be a form of feminist expression?

Burlesque: Is Red Hook's Paris Cabaret a burlesque lounge or just a plain old strip club? from "@Gothamist

New Year’s Eve: Club Planet offers four tips for having a successful New Year’s Eve. Remember Tip #5 kids: Don't be an amateur.

A good life lesson, brought to you by @ThoughtCatalog: A Conversation With Your Hangover

Hip Hop: A new documentary called Rubble Kings explores the origins of hip hop.

Hip Hop: Jay-Z Talks About Hip-Hop's Impact on Culture from @vibemagazine.

House: An in depth look at the mega DJ named Kascade from ‎@nytimesstyle.

Jazz: 1959: Documentary revisits Miles Davis & Mingus from @openculture.

Rock: Rolex donates $3.5 million to bring rock music to the New York Public Library.

Heavy D: One of the most exuberant MC’s from the Golden Age passed away earlier this week.

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