Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steve Lewis, High Technology and the French Invasion of New York Nightlife

The Nightlife Culture Review for March 1, 2012
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
Celebrity Waitresses, Sex and the Sin Effect: A Nightlife Culture interview with the legendary Steven Lewis. 

Why Do You Enjoy New York Nightlife? There are seven major reasons that lure us into the night. What moves you?

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Partez vous Francais? The New York Times writes about the growing French trend in New York nightlife culture.

Is Big Back?: Are the megaclubs ready to return to New York nightlife? And if they are, how will that impact New York nightlife? 

Hip Hop Holiness: What is the relationship between religion and hip hop? How do express their faith or disparage another in their lyrics? 

Mind Over Money: A new article looks at the transition of hip hop from social awareness to capitalist excess. 

The Liquor Locator: Will the new NYC liquor license map help or hurt New York nightlife?

Who Watches You Go Out? Can facial recognition apps help you find the perfect club and crowd every night? 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guns & Roses, New York Fashion Week 2012 and Gay Marriage

Nightlife Culture News for February 15, 2012

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Nightlife Culture Review

Fashion Week and New York Nightlife is a case of Love at First Sight, but why?

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Venue Reviews

We have new insight on 2A, One & One, Blue Smoke, Felice and Lucien plus info on 115 other venues.


The LGBT marriage equality victory in California sparks a celebration at a landmark of LGBT history, Stonewall.

Are NIMBYs resorting to vandalism to chase new bars out of NOLITA? If they are, it will be like pro-life advocates killing abortion doctors because they think abortion is murder.


EDM: Can XL bring dance culture back to New York nightlife or has bottle service and cocktail culture cleared the dance floor?

EDM: Question: What's the best way to ask a DJ to play a song at the club? Answer: Don't. If you’d like more DJ etiquette, read on.

Hip Hop: An insightful review of the new global hip hop book Close to the Edge.

Hip Hop: How has the financial crisis impacted hip hop lyrics and perspectives?

Rock: Can Guns & Roses start a comeback with their New York nightlife performance?
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jay-Z, Bi-Sexual Rappers, Beer Pong Laws and the Evils of Bottle Service

The Nightlife Cultural Review for February 8, 2012
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

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Prince of the City
Sexy, Rich, Creative or Connected: What is Your Best Nightlife Resource?
New Elite Yelp Reviews for venues including Norwood, Yotel, and Imperial No. 9

Hip Hop: Jay-Z brings the heights of hip hop to Carnegie Hall.
Hip Hop: Is New York hip hop ready for a bi-sexual female rapper like Azealia Banks?
DJ: Veteran DJ Seth Clark Silverman has advice to improve the music in New York City nightlife

Liability: NY court rules that bar operators are not liable for beer pong related drunkenness.

Bottle Service: Transworld News viciously attacked the exclusive club scene in New York nightlife.
54 Below: Nightlife maven Michael Musto opines on the new cabaret 54 Below.

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