Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guns & Roses, New York Fashion Week 2012 and Gay Marriage

Nightlife Culture News for February 15, 2012

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Nightlife Culture Review

Fashion Week and New York Nightlife is a case of Love at First Sight, but why? http://t.co/mYskPZ5K

Improve your nightlife. Join the Nightlife Cultural Initiative. http://t.co/n2dKDmnd

Venue Reviews

We have new insight on 2A, One & One, Blue Smoke, Felice and Lucien plus info on 115 other venues. gamalhennessy.yelp.com


The LGBT marriage equality victory in California sparks a celebration at a landmark of LGBT history, Stonewall. http://t.co/6NpLiLYa

Are NIMBYs resorting to vandalism to chase new bars out of NOLITA? If they are, it will be like pro-life advocates killing abortion doctors because they think abortion is murder. http://t.co/RFWL2LVQ


EDM: Can XL bring dance culture back to New York nightlife or has bottle service and cocktail culture cleared the dance floor? http://t.co/bAgFKozP.

EDM: Question: What's the best way to ask a DJ to play a song at the club? Answer: Don't. If you’d like more DJ etiquette, read on. http://t.co/YBNNlW9H

Hip Hop: An insightful review of the new global hip hop book Close to the Edge. http://t.co/hwefNVNy

Hip Hop: How has the financial crisis impacted hip hop lyrics and perspectives? http://t.co/QTAvpCZs

Rock: Can Guns & Roses start a comeback with their New York nightlife performance? http://t.co/SrmkzKI0
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