Thursday, February 28, 2008

NYN Club Report 2/28/08:

Knitting Factory, Masonic Temple & Time Lounge


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NYN Insider

When I started NYN in 2004 I only had a vague understanding of nightlife in the city. I knew it was complicated. I knew it was big. That was about it. I didn’t know where to go, or how to get in, or how much things cost.

So I went out to a lot of different types of places. I kept notes on which places catered to which people. I paid attention to how things worked. I tended bar, I became a DJ, I talked to comedians, musicians, owners and bouncers. And I drank a lot.

Since then, I’ve found out a lot about the different areas of the city and the different types of clubs in each area. Friends, co-workers and random people I never met before found out what I was doing and started to ask me for help when they were planning a night out.

Hey G, I’m taking this girl out for a date. Where should I take her?

My birthday is next week, where should I have my party?

Where is the best place for a drink around here?

What’s the best new club?

I’d talk to them about what they liked, what they disliked, and what was available. The more people I helped, the more people would come to me when they wanted to go out. It happened often enough that I came up with a system to give people choices on where to go and what to do. Then they could make up their own minds and have a good time.

I didn’t consider it a part of New York Nights. It was just something random I did for friends. A couple of weeks ago I started reading about websites offering personal fashion advice. I started thinking; “why not offer personal advice to people who are planning a party?” I’ve got the website. I’ve got the system. All I needed was a name. I decided to call it NYN Insider because it would give people the same insight on nightlife that an insider has.

Now I can do my part to make New York a better place, one party at a time.

Have fun.


If you want to take advantage of NYN Insider just contact me.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Club Report for 2/22/08 Inn LW12, Mansion and Socialista

Cougar Rooms on the West Side...Hepatitis A at Ashton's Birthday. Read about it this week's Club Report


Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Primer for Meeting People

By Gamal Hennessy

The Third Article in our Love & Lust Issue Tackles the Eternal Dilemma of Meeting a Prospective date.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nightlife Awards, Zen Drinking and Live Music Woes

Club Report for February 14th 2008
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Club Awards 2008
Pacha, Cielo, and Sullivan Room among the nominees for the best nightlife venues in America.

New Products
Zen Liqueur: What is the sound of one hand drinking? (Additional coverage from Barfly)

Live Music
Why Is It So Hard to Run a Live Music Venue?

State Liquor Authority Actions for January 2008
A list of the closures, fines and suspensions imposed in all five boroughs.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Confusion of Fashion Week

The Confusion of Fashion Week
By Gamal Hennessy for New York Nights

I’ve never covered Fashion Week before, but one thing is clear. Trends are in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t really matter in the end what designers throw down the runway, people see what they want to see.

Kate Betts of Time magazine saw designers
playing it safe and came to the conclusion that they were dressing women for the recession. I don’t think designers are really thinking about the subprime crisis when they are making clothes, but I could be wrong.

Robin Givhan at the Washington Post saw an industry ready to take
chances on new designers while established houses struggled to keep their fans. Taking a chance on a new product isn’t exactly the behavior of frightened consumers, but fashionistas might not make the best economists.

Other fashion writers didn’t read any gloom or struggle in the collections. The coverage of the
Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui shows all focused on sexy, slinky and short. As the new kid on the block, NYN could only get into one show, Iodice, and we didn’t see anything pessimistic in the very short skirts. It looked like a party to us.

In the end, I guess fashion and style are just as much about what you bring to it as what you buy. It will be your attitude that makes you look good in the end, not the clothes.

Have fun.

For additional coverage: See
Prince of the City 2: What I learned during Fashion Week.

Friday, February 8, 2008

No Malice Palace, PM Lounge and Nightlife Power

The Club report for February 7th 2008
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy for New York Nights


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Finding the Right Valentine’s Day Spot

Special Feature
Finding the Right Valentine’s Day Spot
By Gamal Hennessy

Next week is Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a valentine, you don’t have very much to worry about. Go out, party and try not to stare when you see couples making out or fighting in public.

If you do have a valentine, it’s a little more complicated. You want the night to end with the making out, not the fighting.

How do you do that?

Well, nothing kills romance faster than two people in a place they don’t want to be, doing things they don’t want to do. If you want to end up in a lip lock rather than a headlock, let me try and help you out.

Read all about it in Finding the Right Valentine’s Day Spot from New York Nights.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cougars, Connections and Giuliani's Other Failure (Nightlife News)


Nightlife News for February 5th, 2008
By Gamal Hennessy

Turning the tables on the Sugar Daddy
Robert Campbell: Reuters
The image of an older man dating a younger woman isn’t that unusual. Using money and status and pursue a younger woman is also an accepted social practice. But what happens when the tables are turned? How do we view older women who use money, experience and status to pick up younger men?

Is Times Square Smut Free? Not Really.
Keith Richberg: Washington Post
When Rudy Giuliani ran for President his main claim to fame was his experience as Mayor of New York. He was here during 9/11, so he should be President in a dangerous new world. He stopped crime and cleaned up the smut on 42nd Street, so he had the moral character to be President. But the reality of the situation could be that Giuliani didn’t mastermind the purity of 42nd Street and even if he did plan it, he didn’t succeed in cleaning the place up…

Special Announcement
New York Nights Adds Connections to the Magazine
Gamal Hennessy: New York Nights

New York Nights readers are being given the first chance to join a new social network devoted to nightlife. The service is called
Connections and it is available starting this month.

Use the Logo to read more on these stories…only from New York Nights


Friday, February 1, 2008

Closing Dives, Kids Games and Adult Ones Too…

Club Report for January 31, 2008
By Gamal Hennessy

This week’s club report focuses on East Village Dives, Drinking Games and Games that might not be legal…