Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiesto’s New Video Series, Garza’s Killer Confesses and Drinking with Your Eyeball

Nightlife News for January 25th, 2012

Nightlife Culture
The Nightlife Cultural Initiative attempts to bring more life to nightlife. http://t.co/3qAQMcp7

An architectural firm in Hong Kong has designed a nightclub that isn’t connected to the ground. It stays up by hanging from surrounding buildings. http://t.co/9cId6IIz

An in depth essay on the Social and Psychological Benefits of Pre-gaming. http://t.co/0Edm5Uky

Is the CDC exaggerating the rates of binge drinking in the US? http://t.co/8raHzxNA

More female sommeliers are becoming prominent in New York nightlife. http://t.co/sljz6oIn

Eater offers some good advice on how to order a drink based on the type of bar you visit. http://t.co/BkRFu28d

Are you bored with just drinking your drink? If so, check out these eight strange new ways of ingesting alcohol. http://t.co/kcU6tv4A

Michael Mele admits to killing Laura Garza after taking her out pf Marquee in 2008. http://t.co/DtANKybC

Brooklyn NIMBYs attack rooftop and outdoor bars. http://t.co/ZhYDLjwf

Are anti-nightlife sentiments rising in Hells Kitchen? http://t.co/4XDPn469

A new university course explores hip hop as a teaching tool. http://t.co/u1uc7LBB

Tiësto launches a new web series to document the life of the DJ. http://t.co/SGi8ExCu

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