Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Live Music Apps, Pitch Black Dining Rooms and Whiskey in a Can

The Nightlife Culture Review for January 11, 2012
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
How to Find Live Music in 2012: There are hundreds of live musicians playing in New York nightlife every week. Here are a few apps to help you find the ones that are right for you.
New Elite Yelp reviews for 2012: including UCB Theater, Henrietta Hudson, Sons of Essex and Cellar 58. 

‎(From @DNAinfo) A landmark Harlem firehouse is going to be reborn as Afro-Caribbean Cultural Institute. Hopefully it will include exhibits on the contributions jazz, reggae, salsa and other art forms had on nightlife and New York in general. 
(From @nightculturenyc) One photographer documents how social media has impacted nightlife.

(From @VoiceStreet) A cab driver was recently arrested for the rape of an early morning passenger. There is no indication from this story that the alleged victim was coming from a club, but it is a scenario that could easily involve nightlife patrons so awareness is key, even after you leave the club.
(From @nightculturenyc) Michael Mele: The alleged murderer of Laura Garza goes on trial this week. Garza was last seen leaving Marquee.

(From @nightculturenyc) Is a can of whiskey (that holds 8 shots) for $5 a great idea or a disaster waiting to happen? You can’t close a can once you open it, so the incentive to drink all 8 shots at once will be very strong. Who knows what your incentive might be after that…

(From @nightculturenyc) Hip hop: Emerging artists from NJ prove that local artists continue to influence East Coast rap. 
(From @nightculturenyc) DJing: The Respect the DJ movement brings the spotlight back to the people behind the decks. 
(From @CMJnetwork):  Artist submissions for CMJ 2012 are open now via @Sonicbids
(From @EaterNY) A new high end spot called Dans Le Noir offers patrons the chance to dine in a pitch black room. Candle lit tables are romantic and sexy, but how dark is too dark?
(From @nightculturenyc) Is the case against Escuelita bar about public safety or anti-gay bias? 
(From @nightculturenyc) This recent retrospective looks at the historic evolution of Julius, one of New York's oldest gay bars. 

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