Thursday, December 29, 2011

AeroShot, Angry Drunks and the Worst New Year’s Eve Ever

The Last Nightlife Culture News for 2011
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Nightlife Culture Year in Review: The Twelve Major Stories in Nightlife Culture for 2011

Nightlife Industry Year in Review: From the fine folks at Eater.

Humor: Do you want to have your worst New Year’s Eve ever. Here's how to so it. 

Drinking: Hangover Patches: Do They Work?

Drinking: Here’s how to spot an angry drunk before the fists start flying.

Drugs: Is AeroShot going to be the club drug of 2012?

Venue Reviews: I've finished 101 nightlife reviews covering three cities in 2011. That should be enough drinking for one year, right?

Trends: The busiest (and most amateur) nightlife nights of the year.

Beyond New York: The New York Times looks at the underground nightlife scene in Los Angeles. 

Hip Hop: Is hip hop finally ready to shed its homophobic image?
Hip Hop: A compelling argument that New York hip hop isn't real hip hop. 
Hip Hop: How do racial and gender diversity in hip hop performers impact the musical form? 
Comedy: Why is the open mic scene so dead for aspiring New York comedians? 

Have fun.

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