Monday, December 12, 2011

Madison Moore, Larry Levan, Don Hill and Parisian Nightlife Culture

Nightlife Culture News for December 13, 2011
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City: Review: On the Make: Nightlife as a Lifeless Sham:

Academics: NYU takes a long hard look at Madison Moore and his nightlife culture course at Yale.

Culture: A comparison of nightlife culture in New York and Paris.

Sex: A swingers party pops up at Pop Burger.

Health: Would NYC be better off with public toilets in nightlife areas?

Health:  Journalists put three hangover cures to the test

Graphic Arts: A collection of art dedicated to hip hop pioneers has just been released.

Hip Hop: Members of Black Sheep and A Tribe Called Quest form a group to produce a song dedicated to Occupy Wall Street.

House: NPR remembers the DJ pioneer Larry Levan.

Rock: Irving Plaza plans a memorial concert for legendary nightlife operator Don Hill.

Drinking: Bartenders offer good drinking advice. Read this to improve your holiday experience.

Drinking: Barstool Prophets tell the story of #nightlife from serving behind the bar.

Crime: FBI makes several arrests linking organized crime to NYC strip clubs.

Tourism: ‎Closing the Tavern on the Green was a multi-million dollar mistake for NYC.

Have fun.

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