Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nightlife News for November 27, 2007


Nightlife News for November 27th

Nightclub Owner Sentenced in Death of Promoter (No credit available- New York Newsday)
You never know what to expect when you are booking a party at a club. Most places are laid back and helpful and professional when you call ahead. Some places are really expensive and annoying. When Michael Clark went to Dubie’s Place in Queens, he was killed.

NYC Cracks Down on Underage Celebrity Clubbers (No Credit Available – United Press International)
When you were paying $800 for bottle service, there was a good chance that some child celebrity was at a table close by. If the State Liquor Authority has its way, that is going to stop very soon.

More and More NY Spots using IPods instead of DJs for music (Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service)
Once upon a time, if a bar or restaurant wanted music, they got a jukebox and people could pick the music that suited their mood. Later a DJ would be on hand to provide music for the venue. Then Apple came along and made it easy for the bartender to just plug in his Ipod and play what she wanted to hear. Now, it’s a business with whole companies providing pre-arranged Ipods to their clients.

New Orleans Jazz Men Come to New York Post Katrina (Vincent Mallozzi- New York Times)
Davell Crawford was one of the reasons New Orleans was a jazz hub in America. He played there since he was seven, won several entertainment awards and thrilled audiences at the House of Blues. After Katrina hit in 2005, it destroyed his home, his music studio and wiped out his life savings. Now Mr. Crawford and many other musicians like him are starting over in New York.

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