Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nightlife News for November 13, 2007


Nightlife News for November 13th 2007

Radiohead Results 38% Will Pay (Robert Andrews- Paid Content)
Last month, everyone in the music and business press (including NYN) speculated on how Radiohead’s new “pay what you want” pricing would affect album sales. This wasn’t about the fate of just one album; the entire industry was waiting for the results. Now that the results are in, it doesn’t look good for album sales.

Get Your Hands Off My Lime (Michael Wilson- New York Times)
It appears that certain inspectors from the New York State Department of Health are taking their jobs seriously…maybe too seriously. One Brooklyn bar was cited by the DOH for an infraction that has allegedly been on the books for years. Was it the dog inside the bar? No. Was it the fruit flies near the liquor bottles? Nope. It was the lime stuffed in the neck of the Corona bottle.

Liquor on Trains? OK. Liquor Ads on Trains? No. (John DeSio- Village Voice)
If you ride the Long Island Railroad or MetroNorth into or out of the city, you can see an ad for beer on the platform and then get a beer on the train, if you’re of drinking age. But if Felix Ortiz has anything to say about it, you won’t see any liquor ads on MTA trains.

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