Thursday, April 22, 2010

M2, Super Dive, Paul Seres and the New York Times

The Nightlife Report for April 22, 2010
Compiled by
Gamal Hennessy

…I hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

M2 and Pink shut down
(New York Times)
West Chelsea staples M2 and Pink were closed by the order of a special administrative judge on Friday. The venue is currently fighting threats to close it related to the
smoking ban but this new issue revolves around the actions (or inactions depending on who you believe) of the security guards. Police allege that they stand by while fights, drug dealing and other offenses are committed. As with other nuisance abatement related cases, there is still a lack in logic in the police approach. If cops see patrons dealing drugs, why not build a case against the dealers and arrest them? If fanatics are fighting in the club, why not arrest them? If the security guards and the other operators are not dealing drugs or fighting, why do the patrons get to commit crimes and walk away while the people who work at the venue are punished economically when the place is shut down?

Meatpacking’s newest dive bar might be a bittersweet memory. The venue has been through some
economic turmoil over the past few months and now it seems to be closed for good. That real estate might not sit on the market for long considering the location. Maybe the new operators will leave the beer pong table out of the new design plans.

Coming Soon
Le Baron
Black Book
A Parisian operator is bringing his exclusive lounge concept to New York. No official word on when the doors will open, but if exclusive lounges in Paris are anything like exclusive lounges in New York it will be small, annoyingly hard to get into and very, very trendy. Bonsoir.

Major News Outlets Planning Ongoing Nightlife Coverage
(Business Insider)
The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are both planning ongoing coverage of New York nightlife. They will throw their hat in with major news outlets like NBC, Blackbook and New York Magazine as well as smaller players like Thrillist and Urban Daddy. While the size and influence of these sources will get them into the biggest parties and the exclusive openings, it isn’t clear if they will devote space to ongoing issues in the industry that could use the exposure and reach to bring these issues into the mainstream. Of course, until they take up the mantle of in depth coverage of the business and culture of New York nightlife, you can always come back here…

New NYNA Head Paul Seres
(Good Night Mr. Lewis)
Leadership of the New York Nightlife Association has shifted. Long time president David Rabin has stepped aside and Paul Seres has stepped in. The operator, owner and community board member takes control of an organization dealing with political, economic and social issues of all types. This interview touches on many of the things he plans to tackle including security guard training, zoning and relations with the police. With a new head of the State Liquor Authority and a new head of NYNA can the industry make progress in light of all the things working against it in New York? Stay tuned…

Have fun.

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