Friday, April 9, 2010

Covet, Exchange, La Biblioteca and Mission Delores

The Nightlife Report for April 9, 2010

...I hunt down the nightlife news so you don't have to...

Urban Daddy
The operator migration into midtown continues with a new lounge catering to the professional white collar set. Covet sits close to the 59th Street bridge and is sure to attract the Madison Avenue advertising and PR crowd, the international diplomatic corps from the UN and the newly minted six figure, expense account as accessory, corporate types looking for new hunting grounds. Will it be able to steal patrons away from downtown spaces like the Gates and Provocateur? On the weekdays, maybe. The proximity to home and office make it an attractive draw. On the weekends, maybe not, unless it can find a draw beyond being the fresh new face.

A bar in the Financial District plans to alter the prices on its menu in the same way Wall Street stocks go up and down on a daily basis. The more people order a particular drink or beer, the higher the price for that item will go. Unpopular items will decrease in cost as the night goes on. Considering the meltdown that Wall Street is still recovering from, I’m not sure this is a good idea. Sitting at the bar, how do I know that the managers aren’t padding the numbers to increase or decrease sales on a particular item? Am I really going to want to alter my drinking habits based on the prevailing market in the room? Are people going to start hedging and short selling their Jameson shots. It all too confusing for me, especially after I’ve had a few drinks.

La Bibliotecha
(Urban Daddy)
A new library is opening up a few blocks away from the huge midtown public library. But this new library doesn’t have any books, DVDs or old men sleeping in the corner. This library has over 400 different types of tequila, so it is sure to me more popular than the building with the lions in front of it. Similar to the Brandy Library in Tribeca, this library will have tastings and will store your personal collection of rare tequila in their vault. Now that I think of it, with all the high end liquor being served here, there will probably be old men sleeping in the corner here too.

Mission Delores
It was 86 degrees in New York this week which can only mean one thing; its beer garden season in Brooklyn. The same operators who brought you Bar Great Harry, this Park Slope, open air, former auto body shop will have almost two dozen beers on tap and specialty cocktails for those who like the beer garden concept but not the beer.

What is a Promoter?
If you asked ten people what a promoter is, you are likely to get 10 different answers and not all of them would be flattering. Toi Troutman attempts to nail down this amorphous and fluid hustle by defining the function, qualifications, personality traits and earning potential of a club promoter. She doesn’t go into the levels of competition, dealing with owners, negative perception by patrons or other downsides of promoting, nor does she offer any advice on how to actually start promoting, but if you wanted a basic idea of what the job is like this is a decent place to start.

Have fun.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading my piece on eHow. I agree. There is no mention of the points you brought up, but for good reasons. 1. I am a paid writer and the assignment was for no more than 500 words and specifically asked for a job description, thus the reason for the title of the article (which is predetermined when I accept the assignment). 2. The negative connotations etc. are not part of the job description itself but are things that just come with the territory. If I were to go into every downside and outline the instructions on getting started in the business, I'm sure I'd have well over 1200 words (and that's being conservative).

Anyway, thanks for saying that it's a decent place to start for a basic definition of the job as that was my goal.


Toi Troutman

New York Nights said...

Thanks for the comment Toi. I do think your description is a good starting point, I just wanted to put the job in context because I feel a lot of people jump into promotions without considering all the things that "come with the territory." I look forward to reading more of your work.

Thanks again.