Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kenmare, Out NYC, Polar and Super Dive

The Nightlife Report for February 17, 2010
Compiled by
Gamal Hennessy

…I hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

Urban Daddy
The Gramercy Hotel gets a cold, quiet rendezvous spot.

Urban Daddy
If you are still waiting for the new Beatrice to open up (I have it on good authority that it will open soon. No I cannot and will not tell you where), talk your way into this Nolita lounge to practice your high class living.

The huge Williamsburg Beer Hall plans to be even bigger when the snow finally melts.

Club Planet
Rumors are floating around that the recently famous dive bar might be recently closed by the DOB

Coming Soon
Daily News
News has been swirling all week about NYC’s first gay themed hotel. The obvious news is that the space will include its own nightclub (which I think is mandatory). The less obvious news is that this seems like yet another sign that nightlife has decided to avoid the hostile CB’s downtown and take root in the
lower rent traveler friendly areas of midtown. As Out NYC joins Gansevoort Park Avenue and Hi Note in Midtown, one can only wonder if Midtown East or the Garment District

Sean Bell
(National Public Radio)The Department of Justice declined to file criminal civil rights charges against the members of the Club Enforcement Initiative who killed Sean Bell outside a strip club in Queens in 2006. While the DOJ agreed that the officers were wrong in gunning down an innocent man, they felt they could not meet the burden of proof that the Federal statute calls for. The police officers involved were already acquitted of the other charges against them in 2006

The poorly conceived plan to revive the legendary venue fails before it even gets started.

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