Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Superbowl Bars, Powerful Fans and Ticket Wars...


Nightlife News for January 29th 2008
By Gamal Hennessy

Bands and Fans Go Around Music Companies
(Yinka Adegoke: Reuters)
The changes in the music industry are well documented. CD sales are down because of the rise of online music stores and file sharing. Major artists are jumping ship, looking for a better deal in the age of digital music. 360 deals are gaining prominence, giving labels access to merchandise and ticket sales in addition to CD sales. Now websites are giving fans the option to fund and support their favorite bands directly.

Super Bowl
Bars Will Win Before the Game is Over
(Scott Goldstein & Thomas Gaudio: NJBiz.com)
Different industries have different peak seasons. For retail chains, it’s Christmas. For accountants, it’s tax season. For nightclubs, it’s New Year’s Eve. For bars, especially sports bars, it’s major events like March Madness and the World Series. But the one event that might score the biggest night for bars is the Super Bowl. This year the Giants have clawed their way to the big game. That means bar business this year will be huge.

Live Nation Set to Take on Ticketmaster
Michele Gershberg: Reuters
Ticketmaster has been the main source of tickets for the past several years. But like the music industry, the internet has disrupted their business model. Stub Hub, and Ebay have already built up a considerable secondary ticket market. In 2009 Live Nation will start to compete in the primary sale of tickets.

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