Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nightlife News (Vivitrol, Drunks and 3rd Screen Clubbing)


NightVision Promises to Bring the Club to Your Cellphone
Press release
Imagine this; you and your friends are thinking about going across town to a club. What if you could see how long the line was, hear the music and check out people in the crowd from your phone. A new service called NightVision is planning to offer this service in New York…for free.

Is New York City Full of Drunks?
(Kate Lowenstein: Time Out New York)
According to the Department of Health, fourteen percent of New Yorkers binge drink meaning they have five or more drinks at one sitting. Five percent of New Yorkers are heavy drinkers meaning they have more than two drinks every day. Do you fall into this category? Welcome to the club. Before you hang your head in shame and find out what this is doing to your body, cheer up. The level of binge drinking in the rest of the United States is twenty four percent…

New Treatments for Alcoholism
(Melissa Healy: Los Angeles Times)
If you read the last article and decided you need treatment for alcoholism, your main option is a rehab clinic and a 12 step program to help you stay on the wagon. Many people of the 5.7 million American alcoholics don’t want the stigma associated with this treatment. Only Amy Winehouse turned it into profit by making a song about it. New treatment options might take the process out of rehab and put it in your doctor’s office.

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