Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Police Shootings and Sin Taxes (Nightlife News)


Nightlife News for January 15th, 2008

The Cost of a Drink Might Be Going Up…
(Joe Mahoney: New York Daily News)
Felix Ortiz, a State Assembly Alcoholism Committee Chairman from Brooklyn, has proposed a new tax on every alcoholic beverage solid in the state. Mr. Ortiz claims that if every drink cost $.25 more, the epidemic of underage drinking can be curtailed.

New York Scores High Marks for Tobacco Control…but few are satisfied
(Press Release)
Every year the American Lung Association issues a report card for each state grading them on tobacco prevention, cigarette taxes, smoke free air and your access to smoking products. While the city and the state received high marks in almost every category, and scored the second highest ranking in the country, the ALA’s response was clear. New York needs to do more.

Sean Bell Trial Possibly Moved
(Michael Wilson: New York Times)
On November 25th 2006, Sean Bell left a Queens strip club called Club Kalua after his bachelor party. During an altercation with police, Mr. Bell’s vehicle was shot 50 times by undercover officers. Mr. Bell was killed and two of his companions were injured. Now lawyers for the police in the case filed a motion last week to have the case moved out of New York because the publicity of the case has tainted the potential jury pool.

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