Friday, August 3, 2007

Nightlife News

Nightlife News (Summer Sins)

The following nightlife stories have been printed this week:

Fine Diner to Riffraff

What is the difference between a man who gets drunk on $800 wine and the man who gets drunk on nickel drafts? The $800 drunk is usually allowed to continue in his loud, lewd and destructive behavior, while the less expensive drunk is escorted outside in a less than diplomatic manner. The lesson from this New York Times article is fairly clear; an upscale bar may not be a sanctuary from low class behavior.

Beverage Rules Shaken & Stirred

Depending on your point of view, serving champagne with ice may be more disrespectful than getting drunk at a five star lounge. Summer humidity and rebellious bar owners all over the city are rejecting this tradition and serving champagne, wine and even lager over ice. Now you can stay cool while you embarrass yourself in front of New York’s elite.

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