Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nightlife News for August 14th, 2007

The following articles about New York nightlife have been published during the last week:

Cheesy In New York (Seth Kugel: New York Times)

New York has a huge amount of high end, sophisticated clubs. It also has more than its fare share of cheesy, low brow spots. This Times article focuses on the latter, pointing out that New York has something for every taste, especially if your tastes focus on guilty pleasures.

Cheap Beer (Seth Kugel: New York Times)

There are times when you want to pay $12 for a rare and exotic microbrew. There are other times when you want that same $12 to buy three or four beers. Mr. Kugel focuses on where the more frugal New York beer drinker can fill his mug without emptying his wallet.

Rick’s Makes the Jump to NASDAQ Global Market (Press Release)

It looks like New York’s ‘quality of life’ ordinances haven’t purged all the vice from Midtown. Rick’s Caberet not only thrives across the street from wholesome landmarks like the Empire State Building and Herald Square, but is parent company Rick’s Caberet International has just upgraded its listing to the more prestigious NASDAQ Global Market. The upgrade is a signal of the company’s financial strength and positive future outlook. I guess all those singles start to add up after a while…

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