Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New York Nights is Back Online!

If anyone says you can just throw up a website, they're lying to you. It can be pretty hard.

If you're trying to create the premier nightclub resource, it's even harder.
NYN had issues with the server, issues with the imbedded search engine and issues with the old web designer. But now we are on line and here to stay.

Bar Locator gives you the ability to find any kind of club in the five boroughs.

Events will resume the Top 5 listings starting next week.

Connections is accepting membership. Remember, it's for nightlife and it's free and you can only way you can get our our special services is to have a profile.

Trends will have an article to help you find the best club for you.

Updates gives you the latest traffic and transit info.

We're going to continue to improve and add to NYN, so if you have an idea or comment, let us know


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