Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sugar Daddys, Humor Boom and Hip Hop as a College Major

Nightlife News for October 20th 2011

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

CMJ 2011: Visiting artists who are performing at this year’s indie music marathon compile a list of the best venues, snack joints and hangout spots in NYC:

Hip Hop Higher Education: Last year I did an article about the erosion of hip hop heritage ( ). This year, America’s dominant music form is being recognized by prestigious institutions. Georgetown is now offering a course on Jay-Z and the sociology of hip hop ( Not to be outdone, NYU is attempting to create a hip hop studies minor: ( Maybe hip hop history is safe after all.

Frankie Knuckles: The Guardian talks to the DJ icon about pioneering house music, having a street in Chicago named after him and losing his foot.

Erick Morillo: Pacha interviews this leading DJ about his new projects, his collaborations with Pitbull and Busta Rhymes and America’s new interest in house

Wine: Are you thinking about going back to school? Are you thinking about getting a degree in wine? Eater asks the experts if all that education is really necessary.

Tequila: If you are in the mood for tequila (and I know you usually are) check out this list of the NYC tequila offerings from Guest of a Guest:

Sugar Daddys: Time Out New York explores the sugar daddy subculture in New York nightlife:

Communidating: Guest of a Guest offers modern ladies some tips for dating in a digital world:

Sex Trends: Time magazine reports on a recent survey that shows decrease in teen sex, increase in condom use

New Venues
Humor Boom: First we had underground cocktail lounges, now Thrillist brings us a secret underground comedy club.

Michael Musto: The Village Voice’s resident nightlife icon picks The Best of NYC Nightlife

Have fun.

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