Monday, October 10, 2011

Diplo, Def Jam at 25, and One Night Stands

Nightlife News for October 11, 2011
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Crime: Gothamist writes about a bartender who is stabbed by a fanatic patron on the Upper East Side"

Customs: Clubplanet tries to explain why some people dislike the nightclub scene.

Customs: Live the Lush Life and the New York Times offer tips to get a bartender's attention without getting on their nerves.

Drinking: New York City Sidewalker showcases the Ultimate Blast cocktail event going on this Friday. Oct 14th:

Interview: GQ offers an interview and photo shoot with international DJ Diplo

Music: NPR introduces a new book that looks at the first 25 years of Def Jam music and its impact on hip hop.

Music: The CMJ 2011 performance schedule is out. Plan your week accordingly:

Music: On the Eve of CMJ. Spin publishes an article on the state of homophobia in indie rock.

Reviews: Gothamist offers a list of the 10 Best Beer Bars In NYC

Reviews:  Prince of the City offers new venue reviews including Winston's Champagne Bar, Marble Lane, SoHo House, Fontana's, and B.B. Kings:

Sex: Clubplanet offers ladies in nightlife tips on how to turn the tables on men and enjoy a one night stand;

Venues: Urban Daddy previews The Fulton, opening in the Financial District this week.

Have fun.

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