Monday, July 11, 2011

Culture Fix, Pop Up Clubs, Rebel Art, and Nightlife Culture

Prince of the City
Defining Nightlife Culture
The bars and clubs that you go into are more than watering holes and meat markets. They are one of the sources of modern art and culture. Exploring this world makes you more than a consumer or a clubber. It gives you a chance to alter society and the way it sees itself. All that, and you get to have fun too!

Culture Fix
The story of a little bar that stood up against NIMBY’s and the NYPD…and won.

The Rebel Art Collective
A pair of brothers from the South Bronx attempts to rekindle the social activism that was entrenched in the origins of hip hop but has faded with the rise of commercial music.

Are Pop up Clubs the Next Big Thing?
 In a response to both NIMBY community boards and fickle patrons, operators are taking the pop up model that has worked for retail stores and translated it into nightlife. Now dim sum parlors, strip clubs, Midtown offices, vacant warehouses, waterfront parks, and school playgrounds could be your next venue. Is this a sign of things to come, or is it Rave 2.0?

Scene Tap shows you where the ladies at.
Making a love connection is one of the reasons we go out, so it makes sense that you want to know if there are a lot of boys or girls in a club before you go in. Well, there is an app for that. Scene Tap claims to use face recognition technology to tell you how many boys or girls are in any given venue. It’s unclear if this technology works in dark rooms or how much of a time delay exists between the app update and the time the people are actually in the room. It probably can’t tell you if anyone inside is cute or not, or get you into the club or tell you what to say when you are surrounded by the gender of your choice. You’ll need to get a different app for that…

New Venues
Pour George
A new gastropub drops into the Village

Maison Premiere
Williamsburg gets all the absinthe it can handle

Have fun.

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