Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Eagle, The Westway, Rakim and Marriage Equality

Nightlife News for June 30, 2011
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
What role did nightlife play in marriage equality?
Saying marriage equality came about because of nightlife might be going too far. But nightlife is a part of that story, so it is a part of our story as a society.

Rakim and the birth of modern hip hop
Twenty five years ago, people who thought they knew music decided hip hop was a fad. They wouldn’t support it on mainstream radio because it was going to die out in a few months. Hip hop has clearly lasted longer than a few months.

I’ve recently started developing a list of reviews on the popular venue site. Take a look at my new listings and let me know what you think…

East Side seeks to ban pub crawls
Following the lead of NIMBYs in the Lower East Side, residents in Midtown are trying to ban the organization of pub crawls in their neighborhoods

Rooftop Bars
Steven Lewis offers a list of the best rooftop bars for the Financial Times crowd in time for the 4th of July. Unfortunately, most people who read FT will probably be celebrating American independence in the Hamptons or Dubai.

Anthony Herbert
A discussion with one of the few politicians running for office that isn’t totally against New York nightlife

A Tribe Called Quest
Beats Rhymes and Life Documentary showcases the rise and fall of a pivotal hip hop group

The Eagle
On the Price weekend that saw the Marriage Equality Act pass in New York, police raided the West Chelsea gay bar.

In the wake of Drink the Deal and Living Social, a new nightlife discount service called Poggled is launching in New York.

New Venues
The Westway
The old peep show parlor and erotica shop gets a nightlife make over from the people who brought you the Jane Ballroom.

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