Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunburnt Calf, International Nightlife and Binge Drinking

Nightlife News for December 1, 2010
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

New Year’s Eve
Is New Year's Eve the worst night to experience New York nightlife? Eater offers its opinion.

The Nightlife Holiday Season
Here are a few tips on drinking, health, money and safety during this year’s nightlife holiday marathon.

Sunburnt Calf
The Sunburnt Calf now offers 'Pour Your Own Keg' service. This may not end well for some nightlife amateurs.

Binge Drinking
New study shows 50% of New Yorkers don't drink but the ones that do drink are probably binge drinkers.

The NYC Department of Health launches new ad campaign to reduce binge drinking
over the holidays. Amateurs take note.

Prince of the City
Has America Watered Down International Nightlife?

Holiday Gift Offer
Seize the Night is the perfect gift for the nightlife native in your life. Get it now in print and Kindle editions.

Nightlife New York Television Teaser
A new show about nightlife culture is coming in 2011. The trailer is ready now. Take a look...

Have fun.

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