Monday, December 27, 2010

The Nightlife News 2010 End of the Year Wrap-up

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
2010 Venue of Year
The New York Nights 2010 Venue of the Year Award goes to...


New Year's Eve
The Dept. of Labor ambushes New York nightlife by changing the payroll laws with almost no warning.

Don Hill’s
New York Press looks at the impact of the reincarnated Don Hill's.

Gary Seider
Gothamist talks to the co-owner of the bar New York Magazine calls the Best Cocktail Bar of 2010

Lesbian Nightlife
Velvet Park offers a lesbian guide to New York nightlife.

Chi Chiz
The West Village gay bar is being closed by the State Liquor Authority in the next few weeks.

Stone Crow
The Village Bar becomes the latest bar to fall victim to higher rents. It will close on January 1st.

Max Fish
The classic LES venue will close it's doors in January.

District 36
The New York Times offers a quick and dirty review of the newest mega dance club.

New York Nights
Seize the Night
If you are still looking for gift ideas, check out Seize the Night. All the cool kids are reading it.

Happy New Year.


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