Thursday, June 3, 2010

Double Seven, Richie Rich and the World Cup

The Nightlife Report for June 3, 2010

…I hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

Coming Soon
Double Seven
A former pillar of Meatpacking nightlife is set to make its return this season. Can it reclaim its niche from all the other venues that have popped up in its absence?

Play Beautiful
(Urban Daddy)
Whether you are an avid fan of international football or you’re American who only thinks soccer is something that suburban moms drive their kids to, it is time for the World Cup to take over your water cooler conversation. Now you can experience the game at Play Beautiful, a temporary space set up specifically for fans to watch every 2010 World Cup game. The good news is that seats at this TV arena are free. That bad news is that you can’t get it without a reservation…so call now.

Richie Rich
(NBC Nitetalk)
A personality from nightlife’s previous era offers lucid thoughts about partying with Madonna, the rise of bottle service and the transformation of Limelight from a club to a shopping mall.

Product Launch
Hennessy Black*
Hennessy is already the best selling cognac in the world. It’s already constantly mentioned in rap lyrics. It’s already part of a luxury brand conglomerate that includes Moet and Louis Vuitton. Now it’s jumping into the cocktail market with Hennessy Black, a less expensive and lighter tasting alternative to its VSOP and XO brands. Considering how much marketing pull the company already has, I wouldn’t be surprised if Black cocktails started to turn up in several of New York’s cocktail speakeasies.

SLA Keeps Fast Track Licensing
(New York Times)
A few weeks ago, I
reported on the success of the recent SLA self certification initiative to process liquor license applications in weeks instead of months. That program was supposed to be temporary, but budget cuts and reduced staff levels in all levels of state governments has prompted the SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen to keep the fast track process in place. This will allow the organization to deal with budget cuts without causing the backlog to build up again. While this is probably not good news to local community boards who were eager to see the plan go, it could be one of the few instances when budget cuts and a week economy actually benefit the nightlife industry.

Have fun.

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* No. In spite of my last name, I don’t know of any connection between me and the Hennessy family connected to the Hennessy brand. If I did, I wouldn’t have to work for a living. ;)

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