Friday, June 11, 2010

The Blind Barber, The Imperial, Loreley, NIMBY and More World Cup

The Nightlife Report for June 11, 2010
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

…we hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

World Cup
(Martini Boys)
If you don’t have a favorite spot to drink beer and cheer for your favorite team at 8 in the morning, check out these World Cup Headquarters locations.

The Blind Barber
(Urban Daddy)
The East Village may not need another barbershop, but this one has a cocktail lounge attached, so we’ll let it slide this time…

Lorely Williamsburg
Williamsburg may not need another beer hall, but this one used to be a gas station, so we’ll let it slide this time…

(Club Planet)
The hotspot makes an early exit out of Flatiron.

Nightlife Media
Gamal Hennessy

(U.S. Politics Today)
Earlier this week I spoke to a group of politicians and regulators about the importance of nightlife to a city’s economic future.

Not In My Backyard (NIMBY)
New York Burger
(Chelsea Now)
The residents of West Chelsea are trying to close this Burger shop before it even opens, fearing another Pop Burger, because we all know a place that serves burgers and wine is really just a crack house in disguise.

West Chelsea
(Good Night Mr. Lewis)
Eight of the main venues in this area have shut down. A neighborhood that was once abandoned has been replaced by condos and skyscrapers. I wonder how that area got so popular? The answer of course is the very nightclubs that are now being pushed out.

Underage Drinking
(New York Post)
Mainstream media makes money building up the image of nightlife as a detriment to the city. Last week, the Post had an intern try and get drinks at various establishments and found that more than 50% of them were willing to severe at 20 year old liquor. Even if you ignore the fact that only 5 of the 17 places were actually nightlife venues (the others were bodegas and delis) the message to operators is clear: We are looking for reasons to attack you. This will most certainly be used as NIMBY ammunition when these venues come up for liquor license renewal.

Miss Lily
(Daily News)
Anna Wintour, the Queen of Vogue Magazine, rallied the NIMBYs against a new Jamaican themed venue from the operators who brought you The Box. It seems odd that the icon of cosmopolitan living would come out against the very thing that gives the city its energy. Where are all the pro nightlife celebrities out there?

Have fun.

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