Friday, July 20, 2007

Why New York Nights isn't Citysearch, Clubplanet or Time Out

Q: So you’re pretty much like Time Out, Club Planet or Citysearch, right?

A: Not exactly. Each one of those services covers New York very well, but New York Nights isn’t really like any of them.

Time Out is good at covering a lot of different aspects of the city every week. Movies, restaurants, shopping, theater, clubs, books and TV have to share the same space. This gives them the ability to provide a wide overview of weekly events, but not the one specifically tailored for you. NYN only covers nightlife, but we do it in a way that links people to the places they want to go, not just a few places.

Clubplanet (and other sites like it) are good for getting on the guest list of certain clubs, but if you’re not into the types of spots clubplanet offers, you have to look somewhere else. We plan to cover all the places the other sites cover AND more.

Citysearch is also a good site for a general overview of the city, but it doesn’t allow you to tailor your search, it doesn’t provide much updated information on individual events. NYN will strive to be the authority for New York nightlife.

So while each of the other sites has its strengths, NYN fills a void that isn’t currently being served. That’s why we’re different.

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