Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Bump on the Road to World Domination

NYN believes that no matter who you are, or what you are into, New York has nightlife spots to suit your tastes.

To help you find the best spot for you, we are designing a comprehensive database that lists almost every bar, lounge and nightclub in the five boroughs and as many weekly events as we can cram into our database. You’ll be able to search by the area of the city, the type of music, the type of crowd or special features that each club offers. We are also going to offer a Top 5 listing each week, showing handpicked selections from over 20 different types of parties. It’s going to be great…

But Rome wasn’t built in a day (but it did have some really good clubs from what I’ve heard) and NYN is experiencing a certain amount of growing pains. At this point, NYN needs to suspend its Top 5 coverage until our technical issues get worked out. This is a minor set back that shouldn’t take long to fix, but until then I’d like to offer some advice that I have learned from this situation.

1) It doesn’t really make sense to outsource a New York website to a company in India.
2) Just because your web design company has an address in New York doesn’t mean your project hasn’t been outsourced to India.
3) Internet entrepreneurs are rarely familiar with the technical aspects of their sites (we’re more big picture type people) so when something goes wrong, we won’t have any idea what the techs are talking about.
4) When something breaks, it’s not really important who emailed whom about fixing it or who didn’t get the email. The important thing is to fix whatever is broken.
5) Every start up company has problems. It comes with the territory. It is important to look at these problems as bumps on the road to world domination, not disasters.
6) It’s always better to launch something quietly, so you can fix the inevitable problems that come up before CNN is knocking at your door, because that could be a disaster.
7) Tenacity is often more important than knowledge, money or skill. You’ve got to be doing something that excites you enough to overcome the inevitable problems.

New York Nights (NYN)

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