Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Kool Herc, Binge Drinking and the Private Lounge

Nightlife News for May 24, 2011
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
I’ve recently started developing a list of reviews on the popular venue site. Take a look at my new listings for Greenhouse, Santos and District 36 and assorted Tribeca venues. Let me know what you think…

The Private Lounge
My new residency at one of Esquire’s top clubs of the year. Stop by on June 1st to experience a unique blend of music and spirits created to help you look forward to Wednesdays.

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic
One of the City’s major events on all aspects of drinking took place last week with an assortment of seminars, demonstrations and plenty of high end drinking. Here’s a rundown of the week’s events.

Kool Herc Honored at a Special Ceremony
Before Drake and Kanye, before Jay-Z and Diddy, before Biggie and Tupac, before Rakim and Run DMC, there was a man named Kool Herc who mixed dancehall toasting with funk and soul beats to create rap music. While mainstream media and much of the hip hop industry has forgotten him, several prominent hip hop artists including the Roots and Big Daddy Kane came together in honor of this musical pioneer. We can only hope the money from this tribute went to pay Herc’s ongoing medical bills.

Nightlife and the Living Wage Debate
There is a bill moving through the New York City Council that would require businesses that get bonuses from the city to pay their workers a higher hourly salary than the minimum wage set out by Federal law. While operators in the nightlife industry often aren’t direct recipients of public funding, there are various loopholes in the law that could trigger this law if passed. That’s why members of NYNA came out against the proposed legislation at a hearing early this week. The debate will continue into the next political season and the economic effect it could have on the city could directly impact who becomes mayor of New York once Bloomberg is gone.

Substance Abuse Grows Among the Older Generation
Mainstream media usually associates alcohol and drug abuse with nightlife and young people, but according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Between 1992 and 2008, treatment admissions for those 50 and older more than doubled in the U.S. There are now more than 230,000 Americans over 50 in treatment for substance abuse. While the study concludes that the baby boomer generation has a historically high rate of substance abuse, this is study indicates that 1) substance abuse is a national issue that goes far beyond nightlife and 2) many of the fanatics and amateurs in nightlife now who think they will grow out of this behavior might find themselves facing their grandchildren as addicts.

Binge Drinking Increases Memory Loss
How many times have you gone out drinking and forgotten everything that happened the night before? Researchers for Health Day News conducted a study on the memory of binge drinkers and found that the binge drinkers scored lower on the test than non drinkers. The researchers also found that binge drinkers scored well on visual tests and they admitted that the test didn’t prove the direct effect of binge drinking on memory loss. In spite of this, anecdotal evidence suggests that responsible indulgence with liquor will help you have fun at night without forgetting the good time you had when you wake up the next day.

Have fun

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