Monday, January 31, 2011

Nightlife Operators, Tequila Specialists and Beer Snobs

Nightlife News for February 1, 2010
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

Prince of the City
Special Feature: On Retros, Realists and Rebels
There are three types of operators in New York nightlife. Knowing which operators run which kind of venues will make it easier for you to decide where to go out and have an experience that is good for you. And in the end, having a good time is what nightlife is all about. So read more about them here.

Type 1: The Retro
Type 2: The Realist
Type 3: The Rebel

Nightlife Media
Seize the Night
The book on the business and culture of New York Nightlife was quoted as an example of a new trend in marketing.

Bill Jarema
Good Night Mr. Lewis sits down with one of the original operators from Studio 54 to talk about how New York nightlife has changed.

The East Coast vs. West Coast Punk Rock Brew Tour
Beer snobs get together for a cross country micro brew battle

Opinion: Best Tequila Bars in New York
City’s Best offers a selection of premier tequila venues in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

Have fun.

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