Monday, November 8, 2010

Automatic Tips, The Hurricane Club and Nightlife Television

The Nightlife Report for November 8, 2010
Compiled By Gamal Hennessy

Some Bars Tack On Automatic Tips

DNA Info reports that upscale clubs now include mandatory tips, but the trend goes beyond the New York's eurozone bars.

Masters of the Mix
BET Networks announces a new show about the underground DJs of New York nightlife called Masters of the Mix.

Nightlife New York
Teaser Commerical
A new show about nightlife culture is coming in 2011 from New York Nights. The trailer is ready now. Take a look...

2nd Floor On Clinton
The new lounge tries to revive the "small, secret, hard to get into speakeasy" trend in New York nightlife.

We Love New York
The Village Voice offers 50 reasons why New Yorkers love New York. I particularly enjoy numbers 34 and 38.

Prince of the City
Read the Prince of the City Review of the Hurricane Club.

Have fun.

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