Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Invitation for Nightlife Artists

(New York Nights is Looking for Local Bartenders, Chefs, Designers, DJ’s, Dancers and Musicians)

New York Nights has always been a major supporter of nightlife culture. We understand that the artistic energy of our bars and clubs is the real reason why the City Never Sleeps.

We are currently looking for local talent to be part of a television program we are developing about New York nightlife. The show will go beyond the bottle service in celebrity venues to explore the emerging creative energy that defines the nightlife experience.

This is a new production, so the initial impact might be very small. However, when the program takes off it will have national exposure. Getting involved on the ground floor could pave the way for your success down the road.

We are not charging for this service and we are not asking for ownership of any of your work. Our main goal is to find exciting artists that will enhance the quality of our show.

If you are interested in the exposure that this kind of show could bring to your work, please let us know. Send us your contact information, links to your website or samples of your work and information where you perform or work to . If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have fun.

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