Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Culture Fix, Nightlife iPhone Apps and the Hotel Bar Backlash

The Nightlife Report for July 14, 2010

Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

We hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

Culture Fix
(Urban Daddy)
Operators are trying different tactics to lure patrons in as the bottle service business contracts. Speakeasies, hotel bars, rooftop bars, private clubs, beer halls, bowling, barber bars, burlesque shows, and brunch parties have all had a chance to make their mark. The owners of Culture Fix are combining a modern art gallery with a bar to try and create yet another unique location. Hopefully, I’ll understand the art more after I’ve had a few drinks.

Are We Done with Hotel Bars?
The nightlife venue inside a hotel isn’t a new concept and it’s not a concept that is unique to New York. However in recent years, it has become a more prominent element among a certain class of patron. Every property from the Maritime to the Gansevoort to the Empire to the Thompson to the Standard to the Jane will have long lines of people standing outside on weekends looking for a party, not a room. Scott Solish sees this segment of nightlife becoming more congested with competition and a more watered down form of nightlife. He also doesn’t see the trend getting better or ending any time soon.

The Village Voice Nightlife iPhone App
(Market Wire)
The owners of the counter culture newspaper are diving back into the iPhone app market with a free guide listing local concerts and events, sortable by date or neighborhood. The guide won’t be purely about nightlife, since it will import content from several different VV columns, but you can sift through a little clutter when the app is free.

Have fun.

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