Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cienfuegos, Glass Bar, and the Dance Parade

The Nightlife Report for May 19, 2010
Compiled by
Gamal Hennessy

…I hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

Glass Bar (Hotel Indigo)
(Urban Daddy)
rooftop bar in a hotel is a default location for the summer, but on the cold, rainy days we’ve been faced with lately it doesn’t seem like a good place to go. Several bars, including the new Glass bar in the Hotel Indigo are solving this problem by offering a roof to protect your drink from the elements. While some venues go for the retractable roof option, Glass Bar has specific sections covered to protect you from the rain. The roof might not protect you from the chill, but that’s what liquor and the body heat of an attractive crowd is for…

(Black Book)
New York’s
cocktail renaissance continues with a new bar in Alphabet City. This time the operators who brought you gems like Death & Co., Flatiron Lounge and the tequila shrine Mayahuel bring you a speakeasy dedicated to rum. It’s just in time for a summer of coladas…

SLA Rolls Back Emergency License Procedures
(New York Times)
It appears that the crisis in liquor licensing is over. Last year, the New York State Liquor Authority went through a series of upheavals including
corruption charges, a change in leadership and a backlog of liquor licenses that numbered in the thousands. Denis Rosen, the new head of the SLA, attempted to solve the backlog problem by creating a streamlined process for licenses that reduced the waiting time from 8 months to 5 weeks. That change in procedure virtually eliminated the back log in a matter of months. Now that the license process is less problematic, the SLA is going back to the normal licensing regime. This move will appease several groups, including local community boards who felt some of their influence eroded by the fast track licensing plan. Hopefully, the SLA will be able to handle the other issues facing it with the same insight and agility it showed in the licensing crisis.


Dance Parade (May 22, 2010)
(Societe Perrier)
This Saturday marks the fourth annual New York Dance Parade. The festival is a celebration of all forms of dance, the cultures that shape them, and contributions they make to the diversity of New York City. It is also a grass roots attempt to expose the double standards that nightlife faces, specifically the law that makes it illegal to dance in most New York clubs. The fact that we have a celebration of the different forms of dance that have originated or thrived in New York nightlife (hip hop, vogue, jazz, salsa, etc) is commendable. The fact that
New York State doesn’t recognize dance as an art form the way it recognizes music, theater and painting as art is sad. The Dance Parade is an effort to change the way dance is perceived in New York in the same way that New York Nights is an effort to change the way nightlife is perceived in New York. Both causes deserve your support.

Have fun.

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