Friday, March 5, 2010

Nightlife Racism, Tiny Hotels and the Cocktail Olympics

The Nightlife Report for March 5, 2010
Compiled by
Gamal Hennessy

…I track down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

Coming Soon
Le Baron
(Societe Perrier)
Operators of a well known Parisian club are planning to set up roots in Chinatown. Hopefully they can use some of that French charm to overpower the NIMBY element of the community board.

(The Independent)
Pod Hotels are big in Japan. They are called pod hotels because the rooms are about as big as a coffin. The operators of an international pod hotel chain are bringing the concept to Times Square in 2011. With all the space they save on the rooms, they plan to open the largest outdoor lounge in New York putting themselves in direct competition with Hudson Terrace. I’m not sure the coffin sized hotel room thing will work here, but its hard to go wrong with a roof top bar.

Martini Week (March 1-14 at Various Locations)
(Tasting Table)
Spend the next two weeks sampling new martinis all around the city in an event brought to you by Tasting Table and Thrillist

Ultimate Cocktail Challenge (April 12-14 at the Astor Center)
(Bar Business Magazine)
If you’re still going through Olympic withdrawal head down to the Astor Center for the ultimate in cocktail competition. It’s a lot more exciting than curling.

Tangled Wine Bar
(Time Out New York)
You want to feel like you are protecting Mother Earth while you drink. You’ve already been to Greenhouse and you’re over it. Now you can go uptown and drink from a organic, biodynamic (whatever that means) wine menu complimented with Mediterranean tapas.

Segregation in Clubland
(Good Night Mr. Lewis)
Very few venues can boast about having a diverse multi-ethnic crowd. Several natives and operators have pointed out that the “top venues” in the city today are more segregated than a Birmingham lunch counter in the 1950’s. In contrast, they point to a high level of diversity in the days of Studio 54, Limelight and Paradise Garage. Is this the result of niche marketing or outright racism? Read the article (and the comments) and decide where you stand.

Have fun.

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