Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bar Seven Five, Beatrice, Boom Boom Room, and the Roxy

The New York Nights Club Report for January 14, 2010
Compiled by
Gamal Hennessy

…I hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…

Public Service Announcement
Haitian Earthquake Donations
Nightlife Media is making a cash donation on behalf of Haitian earthquake victims through the International Red Cross. The money will be used to provide medical aid for survivors, identify the dead and restore contacts between family members separated because of the earthquake. If you'd also like to make a donation, please visit the IRC website.
Beatrice vs. the Boom Boom Room
The club of the moment, A-list sub culture is gearing up for a little friendly competition. Boom Boom Room has been at the top of this scene for about a year now. Beatrice used to draw the same crowd before
an angry CB shut them down, but the owners are planning to make a comeback and reclaim their market share. Will this struggle lead to more creativity and diversity in this market are there enough exclusive patrons to maintain the status quo?

2010 Club & Bar Finalists
(Guest of a Guest)
Several NYC venues were named in this national competition, but New York didn’t have the representation that Vegas does. Maybe Sin City is doing something right when it comes to nightlife. Maybe they have ideas that we can steal, or at least borrow.

Coming Soon
Ace Hotel Speakeasy
(Black Book)
Get a first look at the space that is so secret the owner sometimes forgets where it is.

The Roxy?
(Chelsea Now)
It appears that the owners of Taj, Katra and Lepoard Lounge have plans for the space abandoned by the Roxy in 2007. Will this new group succeed where
other attempts to reopen the space have failed?

Bar Seven Five
A cocktail bar without an actual bar opens up in the Financial District.

Have fun.

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