Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Year’s Eve, Penthouse 808, Vintry and Su Casa

The New York Nights Club Report for December 1, 2009
Compiled by Gamal Hennessy

…I hunt down the nightlife news so you don’t have to…


New Year’s Eve Liquor Licenses

Various media outlets, including the
New York Post, Gothamist and Guest of a Guest, ran articles yesterday about the dramatic decrease in the number of 6:00 a.m. NYE liquor licenses for 2009. The New York Times reports that SLA responded by extending the deadline for filing the application so you can have some place to get more champagne when its time for breakfast…



The Financial District gets a new spot dedicated to two of the greatest liquids ever invented…

Long Island City gets a rooftop lounge opens up in the new Ravel Hotel

Su Casa
Last month I said this Village venue called itself a speakeasy but didn’t have a speakeasy vibe. The operators of the venue apparently agree with me. They are dropping the speakeasy concept in favor of catering to the NYU crowd.


Mele Violates Parole
(Times Record)
The man who allegedly took
Laura Garza out of Marquee and murdered her is going to serve jail time while the rape/ murder charges against him are being investigated.

International Nightlife News
Paris suffers from its NIMBY residents of its own
(Times Online)
New York isn’t the only city whose nightlife is being hurt by smoking bans and noise ordinances. Protests are heating up in Paris to save French clubs.

Have fun.

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