Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carnival and the Persecution of Beer Pong

The New York Nights Club Report for October 14, 2009

Complied by
Gamal Hennessy

(New York Nights)
Bowlmor Lanes spawns the newest theme bar in Union Square…
It is officially too cold for Beer Gardens, so drink in these new spaces instead…
Beer Pong Persecution
(The Gothamist)
The State Liquor Authority has recently ruled that the ancient tradition of beer pong is a violation of state liquor laws. At the same time, AM New York reports on a American College Health Association warning that beer pong and similar activities could increase the risk of swine flu. I guess it’s safer to just do shots instead…

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Jess said...

How in the WORLD did you find the costume I am wearing for Halloween? The only thing missing is my boots!