Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bell House, Hudson Terrace and Scores

The New York Nights Club Report for May 13, 2009

Bell House
The brains behind Union Hall bring a spot to Brooklyn with something for everyone.

(Good Night Mr. Lewis)
West Chelsea gets its strip club back.

Imette St. Guillen Case
New York Times
The murder case for the woman allegedly killed by a bouncer began this week…

Hudson Terrace
Address: 621 West 46th Street

Space: 5 The rooftop lounge across the street from Pacha is a good sized open air space designed for mingling and drinking. There isn’t a distinct dance floor, but there is enough space for spontaneous gyrations when you’ve had enough to drink.

Service: 4 HT is exclusive, which means the door is tougher than most of the spots in the city. Unlike other exclusive spots, the staff can be friendly, courteous and professional even when they are rejecting you.

Sound: 3 The music vacillated erratically from chill out to house to Top 40 to 80’s all in the space of 45 minutes and the volume was a little too high considering the focus of the crowd was mingling and flirting as opposed to dancing. The DJ knew his trade, I just wish he made up his mind.

Cost: 3 A Jack and Coke cost me $13 on a Tuesday night. Plan accordingly.

Overall Score: 3.75 out of 5

If you want a piece of the Hamptons or SoBe without the trip or the cost, come here. The transplant is a success.

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