Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Putting New York to Sleep: The Latest Threat to New York Nightlife

A New York Nights Special Report
Gamal Hennessy

New York is one of the few cities on earth that has a constant nightlife presence. One of the main reasons tourists and new young residents come here is because we have more clubs that are open later than almost other city in the country. The continuous energy of New York nightlife pumps millions of dollars into the city every year and helps make us the city that never sleeps.

But all of the money, energy and prestige that comes from New York nightlife will disappear if the clubs themselves are forced to shut down. How could that happen? How could a city that holds more than 1,500 bars, lounges and nightclubs be reduced to a fraction of that? If clubs are uniformly forced to close at 2 AM instead of the normal 4 AM time, it could have a ripple effect on not only the nightlife industry but the overall New York economy. New York Nights is going to take a look at this issue in a special three part series.


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