Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nightlife News for December 18th 2007


Free Concerts in New York
(Ben Sisario: New York Times)
I think New York has live music that will appeal to every musical taste you can imagine. Going to hear some of that music can also cost more than you can imagine. One enterprising reporter recently conducted a little experiment; go out to listen to quality live music every night for seven nights and spend no money doing it. He got some pretty good results.

Cotton Club Survives
(Austin Fenner: New York Post)
Construction is a constant process in New York City. Building are constantly being torn down to make way for the next high rise condo, Starbucks or Apple Store. Columbia University is following NYU's lead and expanding northward on the Upper West Side. But at least one famous venue can survive the bulldozer.

Special Announcement
New York Nights Set to Launch Connections in January
(Gamal Hennessy: New York Nights)
The original concept of New York Nights was a magazine for the nightclub crowd. When we moved the idea online, we knew we had to be more than a list of events. So we added a searchable database of almost every type of venue in New York. We bring you the news that effects clubs all over the city. Now we're going to bring you a way to find the people who are into the same nightlife that you're into.
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